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With roots in the industry of transportation reaching back five generations, trucking is more than our business, it’s our passion. It all started with Camilla Moore Kirsch and Matthew Kirsch as they spent years striving to learn as much about the transportation industry as they could from their trucking veteran family members.

Who We Are

Passion for trucking is something that goes way back for Kirsch, with an in depth understanding of the industry, a strong network of contacts to build upon, and the passion to face any challenge.  Camilla and her son Matthew launched Kirsch in early 2001 with it being a family endeavor since the beginning.  Camilla’s father and uncles provided them with invaluable industry knowledge, her mother taught her how to manage the company’s finances with proper book-keeping, and her grandmother ensured that everyone remained healthy and that the company conveyed a positive image.

Camilla and Matthew developed their business plan and launched the company from their home based office and immediately began leveraging their knowledge and contacts to make their first dollar on the very first day of operations, April 1st, 2001. More familiar with difficult rides than most, the early 2001 launch came just before the world changing events of September 11th 2001.  Kirsch persevered through those tough times, which became a strong foundation that continues to expand today.

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Our History

Kirsch emerged with an innate understanding of what it means to discover solutions to any and all problems they faced.  Solving problems in the freight industry became our core practice as Kirsch continued to grow.

Kirsch completed its first year of operations and was stronger for having weathered the storm. Over the years, Camilla and Matthew have continued to build upon their extensive base of both knowledge and experience when it comes to operations, safety, human resources, sales, and even launching fuel programs through designated purchases. Such knowledge and expertise, combined with the recognition brought by the National Women Business Owners Corporation certification, not only improves the credibility of Kirsch, but also sets us apart from competing transportation companies.

Our first building where we began our journey in Glenwood, IA. We established our roots here.

Live People With Live Answers

One of the main things that differentiates Kirsch is the strong, personalized relationships that we build through direct collaboration with our partners and offering the flexibility for them to contact one of our representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some kinds words:

“In my 20+ years as a Business Manager with different companies, I can say that I have been through many shifts in our economy and have seen quite a few different reactions by companies in regards to how they approach their employees as well as to how they service their customers through trying times. The business models that thrive in lean times keep their customers at the pinnacle of their processes. The Kirsch family has continually shown that they are wholeheartedly committed to the folks who show up every day to work for them, which in turn results in a superior level of customer service for our customers. It is truly a pleasure to be part of this company and the Kirsch vision.”
Jeremy Faubel
Kirsch Transportation

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