Open Deck Solutions

Open deck freight is an homage to our roots. 

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Five Generations of Open Deck Experience

Kirsch’s experience with open deck transportation spans five generations. We have streamlined our process over that time to provide you with a straightforward and seamless experience. Our team is skilled at assisting you in determining the right open deck equipment for the right freight. Kirsch offers a variety of open deck services, such as: Flatbed, RGN, StepDeck, Over Dimensional, and Heavy Haul. Kirsch prevents delays and ensures security by verifying that each TWIC-certified driver is equipped with the proper chains, tarps, permits, and escorts to complete the job.

Load Tracking

Load Tracking & Reporting

Our partnerships with MacroPoint and Trucker Tools provide real-time visibility on the status of your freight shipment. You can check on your freight by logging in with a username and password. Both softwares are able to track your driver’s phone, regardless of whether or not it is a smartphone. They can even use the truck’s In-Cab ELD/GPS device.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the digital exchange of business documents between business partners. Kirsch’s EDI capability enhances the customer experience by improving speed, accuracy, visibility, and overall efficiency.
Liability Policy

Liability Policy

Kirsch understands the importance of risk and liability insurance. Our insurance premium rivals both the larger 3rd party logistics companies, as well as asset-based providers. You will find that both our cargo insurance and umbrella limits satisfy a majority of customer requests. We feature a general liability, auto, and cargo amount that will most likely meet the requests of any customer.

Some Kind Words

“Kirsch Transportation has been an instrumental tool in the success and growth of Attala Steel Industries. Kirsch Transportation is a very professional organization that very effectively handles much of our logistics needs. Joel Staley, whom I have labeled Superman, has on numerous occasions been tasked with acquiring trucks for me on very short notice, with a great rate of success. The level of service, dependability, and competitive pricing are great and places Kirsch Transportation Services in an important position as a top broker for Attala Steel Industries!”

Blaine Sweet | Logistics Manager, Attala Steel Ind.