Meet the Kirsch Transportation Leadership Team

Camilla Moore Kirsch

CEO / Co-Founder

Camilla Moore Kirsch is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kirsch Transportation. Camilla is an impassioned leader who takes great pride in her vast industry knowledge which spans over 35 years. Trucking is in her blood as her family legacy has been trucking for five generations. Camilla is proud of the unlimited growth opportunities her team is afforded. She states, "The people that work at Kirsch are truly a family and are the most important part of our company. If our team finds value and enjoys the work they do, the rest will naturally fall into place".
Kirsch is directly involved in all aspects of carrier relations as well as strategic planning and development. Kirsch's customers and peers are complimentary of her contagious character as her mission is to ensure customers and drivers are provided an outstanding customer experience with Kirsch Transportation. Camilla has forever loved the energy of the transportation industry. She has poured her heart and soul into this happy and healthy company. Never forgetting the shoestring budget with which they began, she realizes the blessings they have received through hard work, integrity, and a strong moral compass.

Matthew Kirsch

President / Co-Founder

Matthew Kirsch is President and Co-Founder of Kirsch Transportation. A visionary leader with over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations. He provides strategic guidance to the leadership team as they continue to expand and is the driving force in developing a humble startup company into a successful brand and recognized name within the industry.
Matthew takes pride in hiring the best and brightest talent in the industry and ensures an open door, fun, family-oriented culture in the workplace. He consistently challenges the Kirsch Transportation team to think outside the box, stretch goals and test boundaries to set the industry standard for an outstanding customer experience.
Matthew has expanded the Kirsch Transportation customer base by focusing on key service metrics, implementing state of the art technology and ensuring key quality control and safety measures are in place.

Jeremy Becker

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeremy Becker is our Chief Revenue Officer, where he is responsible for business development and sales at Kirsch Transportation. Jeremy brings over 21 years of transportation and trucking experience to Kirsch Transportation and has been with the company since 2011. Previous to Kirsch Transportation, Jeremy worked for two of the largest trucking companies in the U.S. with a background spanning pricing, on-site project management, dedicated operations, and national sales across multiple markets. With all of his previous experience, he has brought a grounded and new school vision to the company. Jeremy is passionate about creating lasting relationships and providing continuous improvement to each customer.

Troy Chadwick

Executive Vice President

Troy Chadwick is the Executive Vice President at Kirsch Transportation. Troy has over 13 years of transportation and logistics experience dating back to 2005 when he started at Kirsch Transportation. Troy’s previous military service and experiences in critical care as a nurse taught him the value of teamwork, attention to detail, compassion, critical thinking and a sense of follow through that help him every day when dealing with successfully leading the operations of Kirsch Transportation. His drive to stay focused on the mission of providing excellent customer service has helped keep Kirsch Transportation on a steady methodical path of success.

Anthony Ognissanti

Chief Operations Officer

Anthony Ognissanti is our Chief Operations Officer, where he is responsible for streamlining business processes with technology and developing strategies to improve efficiency and decreasing costs both internally and for our customers. Anthony brings over 10 years of transportation and logistics experience to Kirsch Transportation and has been with Kirsch Transportation since 2013. Previous and current education has helped him every day to continuously raise the bar with technology improvements at Kirsch Transportation. Anthony is passionate about finding solutions to the most difficult problems the company, industry, and customer faces in the most efficient way.

Kelli Gleckler

Chief Financial Officer

Kelli Gleckler is the Chief Financial Officer at Kirsch Transportation where she is responsible for all finance and accounting operations for the company. She joined the Kirsch Transportation team in 2011, with the transportation industry being a new endeavor for her. Kelli brings to Kirsch Transportation 15 years of financial experience across different business segments. She cultivated an aggressive work ethic and outlook coming alongside Camilla and Matthew as they climbed year over year exceeding their financial goals. Kelli initially administered all of the finances for the company and today leads an accounting department that houses a highly motivated staff. Her belief in Kirsch Transportation is what drives her to help lead the company's continued success.

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