Intermodal Shipment Solutions

Our intermodal team has over 100 collective years of experience in the
transportation industry.
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Intermodal Solutions for Your Business

Widely recognized as the “green” option, intermodal freight can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 65% in comparison to traditional OTR freight options. It also helps to reduce highway congestion and the wearing down of major roadways. Most importantly, shippers can take advantage of lower shipping rates and more predictable pricing, along with faster shipping times. 

Kirsch has access to over 80,000 dry containers to meet your capacity needs and a team of experts to help determine the best course of action regarding intermodal conversion. Offering multiple pricing options, our intermodal team can help you decide which option best suits your needs. Possessing both the experience and the contacts to advise you on the most cost-effective modes of transportation, our intermodal team is here to help ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination on time and intact.

Contract Terms

(1 year or more) Locked-in rates based upon a mutual volume/capacity commitment.

(less than a year) Pricing for shorter project will be customized to the project needs.

(1 day) A Spot Quote can be provided upon request for a specific capacity on a specific day.

Load Tracking

Load Tracking & Reporting

Our partnerships with MacroPoint and Trucker Tools provide real-time visibility on the status of your freight shipment. You can check on your freight by logging in with a username and password. Both softwares are able to track your driver’s phone, regardless of whether or not it is a smartphone. They can even use the truck’s In-Cab ELD/GPS device.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the digital exchange of business documents between business partners. Kirsch’s EDI capability enhances the customer experience by improving speed, accuracy, visibility, and overall efficiency.


Moving freight across borders is no easy task. It takes proper planning, documentation, and close adherence to government regulations. At Kirsch, we are well-versed in handling these situations and you can rest assured that we will manage things appropriately.
Liability Policy

Liability Policy

Kirsch understands the importance of risk and liability insurance. Our insurance premium rivals both the larger 3rd party logistics companies, as well as asset-based providers. You will find that both our cargo insurance and umbrella limits satisfy a majority of customer requests. We feature a general liability, auto, and cargo amount that will most likely meet the requests of any customer.

Some Kind Words

“Kirsch Transportation offers exceptional communication on all Intermodal shipments. With daily tracking updates from door to door, you are in the know at all times. Kirsch Transportation’s experience and knowledge of the industry makes them easy to work with, I’d highly recommend them!”

dan cole | Warehouse Manager, A. Zerega’s Sons, Inc.