Exceeding 100 years of collective experience, our intermodal team has been providing viable alternative freight solutions that offer capabilities to deliver consistent capacity, and significant savings in both operational costs and green energy initiatives.

Intermodal Solutions For Your Business Needs

Our intermodal experts start by evaluating your operation for specific optimization opportunities for intermodal conversion. Looking at current lanes of transport, these opportunities are most often found when examining the costs of consistent “over-the-road” freight strategies that range from single to large volume loads.

Offering multiple pricing options, our intermodal team can help you determine which one will best meet your specific freight needs. Possessing both the experience and the contacts to advise you on the most cost effective load securement practices & products, our intermodal team is here to help ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination damage free.


Primarily determined by the time frame of your freight needs, our pricing rates are as follows:
Longer Term Intermodal Contracts: (1 year or more) Locked in rates based upon a mutual volume/capacity commitment.
Short Term Intermodal Contracts: (less than a year) Pricing for shorter project will be customized to the project needs.
Single Day Intermodal Contracts: (1 day) A Spot Quote can be provided upon request for a specific capacity on a specific day.

Widely recognized as the green option, intermodal freight can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 65% in comparison to OTR freight options, and help to reduce both highway congestion and wear & tear on major roadways. Contracting your intermodal freight with Kirsch will provide you with the opportunity to cut your freight costs and increase efficiency simultaneously. You’ll also have access to our full intermodal capacity of over eighty-thousand dry containers.

Here at Kirsch, we are more than prepared to be able to handle your freight; no matter how great the size of the contract. Partnering with us will allow your operation to expand its coverage to the entirety of the continental United States, and includes cross border services that extend into both Canada and Mexico. Contact Kirsch to see how much your operation can save by switching to intermodal.


Load Tracking & Reporting


Cross Border

Load Tracking & Reporting

Our dedicated intermodal team tracks the status of your freight shipment so that you can rest easy knowing that you can check in on your cargo anytime. Our team is always on hand to provide optimal levels of service for each and every one of our customers

Our intermodal team even takes the tracking of your cargo a step further. When you ship your freight with our Intermodal service, you’ll have the ability to determine status report customizations based on what will be most beneficial to your specific operation.


When it comes to both e-commerce and service operations, Kirsch is EDI capable and equipped to provide developed solutions rather quickly. While a large contingent of organizations and people utilize a web based TMS, a considerable number of people prefer the use of an EDI application. Quick to discover the solution that best fits your needs, the testing and maintenance of such systems are prompt, easy, and carefully outfitted during initial set up, to correctly connect the appropriate data sets.

Cross Border

Moving freight across borders is no easy task, it takes planning, documentation, and close adherence to government regulations. At Kirsch, we are well experienced in navigating such situations and can easily deliver your freight on time. Managing cross border freight while factoring in the added time for customs security checks and regulations is just another day in the business of transportation for us.

Some Kind Words:

"Kirsch Transportation offers exceptional communication on all Intermodal shipments. With daily tracking updates from door to door, you are in the know at all times. Kirsch Transportation’s experience and knowledge of the industry makes them easy to work with, I’d highly recommend them!”
Dan Cole
Warehouse Manager, A. Zerega’s Sons, Inc.

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