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1. What Are Your Normal Payment Terms?

Payment terms are NET 30 days.

2. Can I Email Paperwork? Do I Have to Send Originals?

Yes, you can email your paperwork to invoice@kirschtrans.com. No, you do not have to send originals.

3. Where Do I Send Paperwork?

It is preferred that you email invoices to invoice@kirschtrans.com. Please make sure to reference our order number on your freight bill and provide the rate confirmation.


Paperwork can also be mailed to:
Kirsch Transportation
Services, Inc.
1102 Douglas St.
Omaha, NE 68102

4. Do You Offer Advances?

No, we do not offer advances.

5. Who Do I Contact With Questions About Billing?

For billing inquiries, please call 531-213-2136 and an accounting team member will be happy to help you. For payment status updates, please email paymentstatus@kirschtrans.com.

6. Why Do You Ask For References?

This information is necessary for all carrier setups.

7. Do You Have QuickPay?

Yes, we offer two options:

Pay 10 days after receipt of clear originals and invoice is 3%

Pay 24 hours after receipt of clear originals and invoice is 5%

8. How Do I Sign Up For QuickPay?

QuickPay is offered on a load-by-load basis. You must indicate on each invoice which QuickPay option you choose. Contact the billing department at 531-213-2136 or you can email invoice@kirschtrans.com with questions.

9. How Much Is QuickPay?

24 hour QuickPay is 5% discount off the gross amount of the freight charges.

10 day QuickPay is 3% discount off the gross amount of the freight charges.

10. Can I Get Paid Via ACH Or Comcheck For QuickPay?

We do not offer Comcheck payment. If a voided check is provided, payment will be sent via ACH payment. If a voided check is not provided, payment will be sent via priority 2-3 day USPS mail with tracking.

11. Can I Get The QuickPay Check Overnighted?

We do not overnight QuickPay checks. However, we do offer ACH payments or 2-3 day priority USPS mail with tracking.

12. Do I Have To Do Anything Special For QuickPay?

Invoice, rate confirmation, and all pages of the signed Bill of Lading and any other pertinent paperwork must be legible and sent to invoice@kirschtrans.com. You must clearly note which QuickPay option you would like on your invoice. Invoices not noted will default to our normal 30 day payment terms. Kirsch Transportation Services, Inc. reserves the right to refuse QuickPay processing in the event of incomplete or illegible paperwork and can require that original paperwork be mailed to our office for processing.