December 13, 2018

Employee Spotlight – Ryan Alexander


Ryan Alexander, Business Development Manager

Hometown:  Osmond, NE

Years with Kirsch Transportation:  11 yrs in January

How I got into the business:  I have known Matt & Cam my whole life and they brought me on when the company was rapidly growing

The toughest part of the job:  Early morning hours to keep up with the East Coast

The best advice I have received:  Issues are going to happen in trucking – It’s how you handle them that sets you apart

Something else I’d like to accomplish:  Get my kids through college / Travel abroad

Book I finished reading recently:  Scar Tissue, the Anthony Kiedis bio

Something about me not everyone knows:  I have a twin brother Cory who also works at Kirsch

How my business will change in the next decade:  E-commerce will change shipping lanes and needs

The best part of the job:  Helping customers get freight moved when they are struggling to get it to Point B

A mentor who has helped the most in my career:  Matt & Cam taught me the transportation business and gave me an opportunity

Outside interest:  Outdoors / family / Husker football

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Destin, FL

Coolest Place you have traveled:  Cartagena, Columbia for a wedding

Other careers that I’d like to try:  Actor or musician if I had talent

Favorite movie(s):  Pulp Fiction

Favorite song/band:  Alternative/Indie Rock – ANYTHING but “Bro Country”

Favorite app:  Yelp

Fun fact about you:  I wax my back cuz I’m a hairy gorilla


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