January 21, 2019

Employee Spotlight – Joe Casper

Joe Casper, Sr. Project Manager

Hometown:  Omaha, NE

How I got into the business:  My dad is a truck driver and growing up I would always go with him over the summer when school was out. I would challenge myself to stay up as long as I could with him until we made it to our destination, or until he woke me up and told me to go lay down in the bunk so he could crank some tunes. The hum of the truck, the lights on the dash, and all of the little clicks and noises that came with it had me hooked. Nothing was cooler to me than life on the road and we would talk for hours about what my first truck would look like:  A cab over Peterbilt with a 53’ stainless steel spread axle lit up with chicken lights and a train horn of course.  That was it man, that was the dream.

After a few years in the Army I came home to Omaha and started working at a different local logistics company.  I got started with what was at the time a part-time job in after-hours dispatch while pursuing my education.  The rest is history.

The toughest part of the job:  It’s a 24 hour gig in a 24 hour industry. Unplugging can be tough and I’ve learned that PTO really just means pushing your emails back.

The best advice I have received:  Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.

Something else I’d like to accomplish:  Entrepreneurship

Book I finished reading recently:  Capital Gaines – Chip Gaines

Something about me not everyone knows:  I’m a Science/Space nerd.

How my business will change in the next decade:  Technology.  Staying on top of technology in this industry is just as important as the trucks that drive it… pun intended.

The best part of the job:  The satisfying feeling of a successful week.  Nothing feels better than having one of those weeks where the stars all align, loads get picked up/delivered on time, customers are happy, and building for a solid following week.

A mentor who has helped the most in my career:  Can I have two?  Ok I’m using two… as cliche as it might sound, Matt Kirsch (President-Owner) and Jeremy Becker (COO).

Jeremy was my very first contact at Kirsch during my hiring process.  We met at a restaurant in midtown over a water (seriously) to go over the Kirsch’s vision and to see if I was a worthy hire.  He explained the hustle that the job entails and the freedom Kirsch pushes on their employees to be successful.  To say I walked out of there intrigued is an understatement.

The first time I met Matt was during my official interview at our old office in our conference room/kitchen.  There were roughly 4 people sitting around the table drilling me with the typical interview questions and then Matt walked in wearing flip flops, athletic shorts, and a worn out t-shirt.  He walked right past me and said “Mom, I think I rolled my ankle”….Yup, that was my future boss.

The reason I consider them my mentors is what they both bring to the table.  Matt is the talk a mile a minute, full of piss and vinegar type while Jeremy is the step back, process, develop, and execute the mission type.  They complement each other perfectly in order to grow a company, which they’ve done.  Over the past 7 years working at Kirsch I’ve realized that if you can soak up just a little of each of their personalities, you are destined for success.

A life goal:  I would love to have a street named after me. The only people that have streets named after them are people that have inspired others around them, made an impact on their community, and have left a positive legacy.  One of those “leave the earth better than when you found it” type of goals.

Favorite Vacation Spot:  A beach down in Mexico is always nice.

Furthest from home you have traveled:  When I was in the Army I was deployed to Iraq for 13 months with 6/8 Cav, 4th BDE, 3ID.  I spent a lot of time in my boots on missions meeting and interacting with the local populous.  I dream of a day that I can go back and walk the same roads as a tourist with my family telling them of my memories.

Favorite movie(s):  Braveheart, Forest Gump, Dumb & Dumber, Goodfellas

Favorite song/band:  Dare I say it… Post Malone.  I really just want to party with the guy.  He just seems likable and fun to be around.

Favorite app:  YouTube.  Whether you are troubleshooting a problem or learning to build a ship, you can find it on YouTube.  

Fun fact about you:  I love to learn.  As bad as a student that I was in my younger years, I now find myself always researching ideas, topics, history, etc.  I constantly have to reel myself back in when I realize I’m 10 minutes deep researching the history of a town that I initially was just looking up directions for.


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