August 3, 2018

Employee Spotlight – Cathy McDermott

Cathy McDermott, Freight Broker

Hometown:  Waterloo, NE

How I got into the business:  Long story – but through my brother

The toughest part of the job:  I don’t like to fail which makes me scared to take risks – I need to work on being more confident and a better risk taker

The best advice I have received:  Be tough, but always be fair

Something else I’d like to accomplish: I would like to start drawing again

Book I finished reading recently:  I haven’t had a lot of time to read – I work in transportation!  The last one was probably Angels and Demons

Something about me not everyone knows:   I once got blood poisoning from being stung by a stingray

How my business will change in the next decade:  I expect to see Customers, Shippers, and Receivers change behaviors to try and help secure capacity and hold down transportation costs. As capacity continues to tighten, rates will continue to rise, but so will the trucker’s options as far as what or whose freight they will haul. They will gravitate towards friendly freight, meaning quick loading and unloading, convenient hours, good communication, and quick pay. These are the freight characteristics we need to be striving for today, to build relationships with our trucking partners for tomorrow.

The best part of the job: Working for the Kirschs since they really care about people

A mentor who has helped the most in my career:  I could name about 10 that I have learned from in different areas but if I have to name one – Bob LeGrand

Outside interest:  Hiking and doing athletic challenges to try to keep up w/ my boys – like climbing the incline at Manitou Springs

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Either Estes Park or Yellowstone

Other careers that I’d like to try:  Personal training for older people

Favorite movies:  Gross Pointe Blank, Mr. Wrong, and most of the Marvel movies

Favorite app:  WhatsApp – allowed me to communicate with my son while he was in India

Fun fact about you:  I, along with one other girl, used to program and do the art work on all the electronic signs in the area (including Memorial Stadium).  Doing so allowed me to meet Bob Devaney twice.

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