June 18, 2019

Employee Spotlight – Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith, Director of Business Development

Hometown: Ashland, NE

Family: My wife Kim and daughter Avery

How I got into the business: I started out at 19 years old thinking it would be a temporary gig, and would get some quality work experience. Eleven years later, it has turned into a great career.

The toughest part of the job: Predicting the future. The market can change so quickly, we always want to stay ahead of it.

The best advice I have received: “Keep it simple, we’re not doing brain surgery…it’s just trucking.”

Something else I’d like to accomplish: Learn to speak other languages.    

TV series I finished recently: Game of Thrones

How my business will change in the next decade: Electric vehicles will be huge. There are probably more things that have not even been thought of yet that will be game changers.

The best part of the job: When Friday morning comes around and you have a delicious breakfast in front of you. Your loads are all picking up/delivering on time, which makes the customers happy. Doesn’t get much better.

A mentor who has helped the most in my career: I’ve had quite a few, probably too many to count. Most have definitely been here at Kirsch. One that sticks out is Dave Distefano at my previous employer. He wasn’t just a mentor with my career, but was a mentor in growing up as a person.

Outside interest:  Spending time with family, vacations, golfing with buddies, going to concerts and sporting events.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Breckenridge, CO

Coolest Place you have traveled: Cozumel, Mexico

Other careers that I’d like to try:  High school football coach

Favorite movie(s): Training Day, Happy Gilmore, Wolf of Wall Street

Favorite sports team: Oakland Raiders #RaiderNation

Favorite app: Bleacher Report

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