Diversified Solutions

Kirsch tailors each solution to your specific need. Our team handles
expedited, cross border, and hazmat freight with ease.
Kirsch Offers A Variety Of Diversified Solutions
Successfully coordinating diversified solutions requires experience and Kirsch has plenty of it. Since our company’s founding, we have devoted our resources to providing the right solutions for our customers’ specific needs. Sometimes that means expediting a load across the U.S. and at other times that means transporting hazardous material across the border. The Kirsch team asks detailed questions and then provides tailored solutions based on their customers’ feedback. Below you can see the list of diversified solutions that Kirsch provides. One of those solutions centers on WBE certification.

Kirsch is currently directing refrigerated trailer-based shipments throughout all 48 contiguous states, Canada, and across the border into Mexico. Our talented team manages the freight every step of the way to ensure a seamless transport of cargo from pickup to delivery.
Load Tracking

Load Tracking & Reporting

Our partnerships with MacroPoint and Trucker Tools provide real-time visibility on the status of your freight shipment. You can check on your freight by logging in with a username and password. Both softwares are able to track your driver’s phone, regardless of whether or not it is a smartphone. They can even use the truck’s In-Cab ELD/GPS device.


We know there are times when you need to transport freight faster than normal. Our team stands by with the tools and knowledge to successfully expedite your freight when necessary. For added peace of mind, you will be able to check in on your load at any time by using MacroPoint or Trucker Tools software.


Moving freight across borders is no easy task. It takes proper planning, documentation, and close adherence to government regulations. At Kirsch, we are well-versed in handling these situations and you can rest assured that we will manage things appropriately.



Moving hazardous freight comes with a unique set of challenges. The experienced team at Kirsch is familiar with navigating the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (HMTA) and is highly trained to coordinate the safe transport of hazardous materials.




As a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), certified by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), Kirsch offers all the benefits that come with being a WBE-Certified company. Many publicly-held corporations and a number of larger private corporations have programs for doing business with minority-owned vendors. These companies’ initiatives rely heavily on WBE Certifications like the one awarded to Kirsch.


Some Kind Words

“In a vast sea of transportation brokers, Kirsch stands out. Integrity is the first to come to mind, along with diligence. Joe Casper goes above and beyond on our UPS flatbed account. Whether it’s a last minute – same day local delivery, daily scheduled loads, or a special project for a customer with multiple challenges, he is always on it 110% with his communication, efficiency, and fair rates. The Kirsch team I work with (Tammy Cook and Cliff Johnson) are able to answer any questions I may have or assist in coverage seamlessly if Joe happens to be unavailable. Truly appreciated and a GREAT TEAM!”

Shannon Lancaster | Supervisor 1 – Operations Truckload, UPS