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Since 2001, when Camilla and Matthew Kirsch first formed their own logistics company, their goals have been to always offer a customer experience that can only be described as friendly and family owned. A large part of this has been providing carriers with round the clock logistical availability in the form of a friendly human being.

Partnership Starts With Delivery

The one thing that generally stops progress and slows advancement of any initiative is the unknown. As a freight brokering company with roots that run far deeper than the many years that Kirsch has been in business, we know how important it is to put those doubts of the unknown to rest.

Small enough to be able to deliver an exceptional carrier partner experience, yet still capable of handling immense and difficult freight contracts with ease. Delivering answers whenever you need them is what we’ve become known for. Whether day or night, a quick answer or a detailed explanation, communication is our main focus at Kirsch.

John Kirsch, Vice President of National Accounts and a 5th generation Kirsch family member, takes time to connect with one of our customers.

Services Of Interest

Freight starts with customer and industry demands, and then requires exceptional command of logistics. Kirsch offers expertise in the execution and delivery of goods being moved from point-A to point-B within a timeline that fits client needs and specifications.

At Kirsch, this entire process is second nature to us. Excelling at assisting customers in meeting the demands of their industry, we posses the perfect solution to solve any freight problem. Which is where you come in. Always seeking to expand our capabilities and reach of influence in an effort to assist our customers in moving their freight not only on time, but within a time frame that works for them.

With years of experience transporting freight we fully understand the intricacies and needs of your industry.

More Than Just A Partnership

Our relationship with carriers is very important to us. Going beyond being mere partners, we have created a driver friendly environment where we focus on making constant improvements to benefit our partners. This involves a quick payment turnaround, and a high level of respect that we maintain for our carriers.

Some Kind Words:

"I enjoy working with Kirsch Transportation. They are easy to work with, very reliable, and were really helpful during a slow season."
Eddy Silinskas
Operations Manager, M Brothers Express LLC

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