Shauna Morfeld

Shauna Morfeld

Shauna Morfeld, Director of Business Implementation

Hometown: Osmond, NE

How I got into the business: Through a friend

The toughest part of the job: Making everyone happy

The best advice I have received: “This too will pass” – Bob LeGrand

Book I finished reading recently: Girl, Wash Your Face

Something about me not everyone knows: I’m a Mary Kay fan

How my business will change in the next decade: Everything – down to the way products are transported

The best part of the job: Having great relationships with long-time customers

Outside interest: My family – we are all sports fans!

Favorite Vacation Spot: The Beach

Coolest Place you have traveled: The Mountains

Other careers that I’d like to try: Being a Hair Stylist

Favorite movie(s): Bring it On or Pitch Perfect

Favorite song/band: Def Leppard or Snoop Dogg

Favorite app: Pinterest

Fun fact about you: I know all of the words to Grease 1 and 2… who wouldn’t want to be a Pink Lady?!!