Adam Harding

Adam Harding

Adam Harding, Dedicated Operations Manager

Hometown: Glenwood, IA

Family: My wife Danie and 2 sons, Jaxson who is 17 and Jace who is 11. We also have an English Mastiff.

Time with Kirsch Transportation: 9 years

How I got into the business: I was playing in a golf tournament in Glenwood, my wife and I talked to Matt Kirsch and within the next couple of weeks I was employed. Best meeting EVER!

The best advice I have received: Never leave a putt short….

The best advice I could give: Stay even keeled and don’t stress out. You will accomplish so much more if you just work through it and not get too worked up. Life should be fun and so should your job. That is what makes Kirsch a great place to be. You may make a mistake but if you learn from it, you can turn it into a positive.

Something about me not everyone knows: I like pedicures and I get my eyebrows threaded. I don’t like this, but it has to be done…LOL.

Some cool things I have experienced: 1) Played college golf, made it to Nationals my sophomore year. 2) Attended the Women’s World Cup in Winnipeg in 2015. 3) Attended Ryder Cup in Minnesota in 2016.

The best part of the job: Every day is a challenge, you have to be very solution driven. It is trucking so things are going to go bad, it is how you handle those situations that will build the trust and relationships we have with our customers and carriers.

Outside interest: Golf, golf, and the IOWA HAWKEYES!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Beach or golf course

Favorite movie(s): The Accountant

Favorite Food and restaurant: The finer foods in life… steak, crab legs, lobster….you can get them all at Mahogany in Omaha.

Fun fact about you: I love vests…they are a much needed accessory in everyone’s wardrobe. They are so versatile.